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Welcome to the website of the Department of Jewish Studies, which is one of two branches of the Institute of Jewish Studies at Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf.

What are Jewish Studies?

Major fields of study are language(s), religion, history and culture of Jews in its various manifestations, its continuity and its transformation into the different eras and spaces of three and a half thousand years of development. An important feature is the acquisition of the Hebrew language.

The goal of the study programmes in Jewish Studies is to enable students to examine and evaluate “first hand” information on Jews and Judaism. Hebrew writings characteristic of the different eras and information on the historical, religious and cultural contexts in which these writings arose are one of the main focuses of the programmes. This also includes forming the competence to analyse and interpret aspects of historical-sociological as well as religious and cultural studies of Jewish life both in the diaspora and in Israel past and present.

Career options for graduates from the Bachelor‘s programme can be found particularly in the fields of knowledge transfer, media and communication, libraries, archives, museums and documentation centres, public relations and educational management.

The Master’s programme in Jewish Studies is aimed primarily at academic qualifications in the field of research and teaching in and out of university, with special attention paid to the ability to conduct academic research independently and the ability to transfer the acquired knowledge in ways appropriate for different target groups. This programme also opens up access to further occupational fields in the area of humanities and culture as well as in media, public administration, archives and libraries, museums, publishing and both cultural and religious organisations.



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