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With its three professors, the Institute of Jewish Studies in Düsseldorf is one of the most important sites of Jewish Studies at German universities. In range of subjects of Heinrich- Heine-Universität numerous sensible combinations are possible. A unique feature is the possibility to combine the programme of Jewish Studies with the programme of Yiddish Culture, Language and Literature. A broad curriculum and intensive guidance by professors and lecturers characterize the favorable study conditions.

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The undergraduate programme of Jewish Studies (Bachelor) can be selected as a major subject (108 ECTS) or a minor subject (54 ECTS). In both of them, major fields of study are language(s), religion, history and culture of Jews in its various manifestations, its continuity and its transformation into the different eras and spaces of three and a half thousand years of development. An important feature is the acquisition of the Hebrew language.

The undergraduate programme of Yiddish Culture, Language and Literature (Bachelor) can be selected as a minor subject (54 ECTS). Major fields of study are the Yiddish language and literature and the culture of Ashkenazi Jews, so far as it makes use of the Yiddish language and is found in Yiddish sources and texts.

The Master’s programmes Jewish Studies and Yiddish Studies (120 ECTS) offer the possibility for further qualification and specialization in a selected area. In the Master’s course no minor subject is provided ("single-subject programme").

The possibility of doctoral studies is given in Jewish Studies and Yiddish Studies.

Further information about the study programmes of the Institute of Jewish Studies can be found on the pages of the Department of Yiddish Culture, Language and Literature and the Department of Jewish Studies.

"Here" you can find the programme of courses of the Heinrich-Heine-University.


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